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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Catherine BarrattCatherine Barratt
I came across Steve from a Facebook Advertisement I was tagged in. I'm so pleased I did, I couldn't have asked for a better driving instructor. I've been doing lessons on and off for years and have never had an instructor like him. From the short time I've known him he's been so well organised, professional and patient. From the start I got on great with him and couldn't recommend him enough. My main hold back was my nerves and he worked through with me to make them totally go away. So, so pleased I passed first time and will be recommending steve to all non drivers I know, Thanks again Steve. x

James BurchellJames Burchell
I had previously taken my driving test three times a couple of years ago and I had failed all of them so I decided to give up until a few months ago. That was when I decided to get back driving again and saw Steve on facebook and ever since he has helped me progress to a level I couldn't have reached without him. After having several previous driving instructors, I would say Steve is by far the best in Milton Keynes and as a learner, you get an experience that you wouldn't get anywhere else. As Steve told me from my first lesson with him, he's not just teaching me to drive and pass a test, he's also teaching me a life skill. So thank you Steve, any learner will be lucky to have you as their instructor!

Cameron Blumer ScottCameron Blumer Scott
Life Skill
I have just finished an intensive Midway Driving Course with Steve Clarke and I have many things to accredit him for. Steve visited us a month before the course started; my parents and I were immediately comfortable with him and the way he described his teaching style. Once the actual lessons started, it became even more clear that I'd made a worthwhile investment. Steve always made me feel safe in the car, even when I made mistakes. These mistakes were also dealt with calmly and positively - I never had to feel embarrassed or stressed about a slip up or a problem I was having trouble executing. Because of this I was always driving with a good disposition, which made learning so much more fun and easy. He always maintained a light hearted attitude and we would constantly crack jokes and share stories; In this way he was less like an instructor and more like a friend. From the start Steve told me that he wasn't only going to teach me to pass the test as anyone could do that but also teach me a life skill. Steve was very genuinely looking out for my future safety and cared mostly about making sure I wouldn't be in any danger, even after we parted ways. I know that I will always remember the lessons Steve taught me and that I'll be a safer driver for it. Steve Also helped me pass my test, first try, after only 4 previous days of formal lessons.

Beau WaltersBeau Walters
Passed 1st time
So after having around 10 hours driving experience on and off due to bad experiences with instructors I decided it was time to start driving again. After my first lesson with Steve I knew he would be a great instructor. He is calm, patient and makes you feel comfortable from the get go. So I purchased a 20 hour intensive course and passed my test FIRST TIME. Never did I feel rushed or pressured into something I wasn't comfortable with. Being a biker his knowledge on road safety is top class and he is amazing at reflecting that knowledge onto you. I was driving 3 hours a day and I honestly never felt bored with Steve. He is passionate about his job and takes pleasure in watching you succeed! Top instructor and a top bloke! Thanks Steve!!

Nathan CrossmanNathan Crossman
I would like to say a massive THANK YOU to Steve Clarke for his amazing teaching style. Not only is Steve a top bloke he manages to relax you, so you can focus on your driving. His support finally got me driving and I passed my test today first time. it was an honour to pass with the guidance from a great man, a friend and an all round top bloke.