Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Great Instructor
Steve has been a great instructor and has massively helped me overcome my nerves. He has been very patient with me and given me the confidence to now drive on my own.

Thank you very much Steve for all your hard work and help over the last year or so and battling on with me even through the Covid times! I couldn't have asked for a better instructor, you allowed me to feel very confident and relaxed going into my test. Once again thank you very much.

I would say that Steve is very a kind and supportive teacher. He gave me the most confidence in driving and helped me to pass my test first time. He's very professional and has lots of helpful tips especially for parking, x

Hi Steve, on behalf of myself, my wife and Finlay, we just wanted to say thank you so much for all the help, support and advice for Finlay in passing his test. It has been a pleasure working with you to achieve this, you have been more than just a teacher to Fin. We will highly recommend you to all of our friends and will see you in the not too distant future when our other Son is ready to start driving.

Great Instructor.
Steve you have been a great instructor, I honestly don't think I would have passed first time if it wasn't for you, thanks a bunch.

Passed 1st time!
Steve is an absolutely brilliant driving instructor. He is extremely organised and goes through every detail to pass the test. He is calm and patient and is truly passionate about his profession. He went above and beyond to ensure I was ready for my test in time. I'm sure I wouldn't have passed first time if it weren't for Steve. I would HIGHLY recommend him.

5 Star !!
Steve is a great instructor, I would definitely recommend him. He is very calm and friendly, but also very professional, clear and very passionate about teaching safe driving. Nothing is too much trouble. Thanks again Steve.

Great help
After having been driving for some time in my own car Steve helped me to prepare for my test and taught me how to do things right and always remain safe. He was very thorough and thanks to Steve I passed first time with only 2 minors. Thank you Steve you were a massive help and I would highly recommend you.

Polite, patient & friendly
After a poor experience with another instructor, I contacted Steve for driving lessons. I managed to pass my test very quickly with Steve. He always arrived in a timely manor for the lessons and ready to go; he did not waste time like my previous instructor. Steve is polite, patient, friendly and has a great sense of humour. I would highly recommend Steve to anyone looking to learn to drive.

Steve has been a very patient instructor. Great with the language of driving and in a very calm environment. I was recommended to Steve through friends and family. For anyone learning to drive I'd definitely give them Steve's information! Steve is very flexible with timings so he can accommodate for all times of the day. I'm very happy!! Passed 1st time!!

Steve Has been a great instructor - very patient and kind towards his students. He has been very accommodating in these difficult times and went above and beyond for me to pass my driving test. I really enjoyed my lessons, they were very systematic and helped me to become more confident on the road. I will be recommending Steve to all my friends and family.

Friendly, engaging and encouraging.
I was recommended to use Steve for my driving lessons by a close family friend and I have nothing but good things to say about his work. From my first lesson, right through to the day that I passed my test Steve was friendly, engaging and encouraging. He takes the time to focus on the development needs of all his students and helps them to improve at their own pace. Steve gave me confidence, knowledge and roadcraft whilst always encouraging me. I would recommend Steve to anybody looking for a great driving instructor.

Passed with ZERO faults!!
I'm so happy that I chose Steve as my instructor to learn to drive. I had about 18 lessons and enjoyed them all. Steve always made my lessons fun and relaxed and gave loads of tips on how to remember things. His little saying helped me no end on remembering certain points. For example, "noddy dog" & "peep and creep". I would highly recommend Steve to anyone who wanted to learn to drive, he has helped my to pass my test with zero faults. Thank you Steve. x

Fantastic Instructor!
Before my lessons with Steve I was fairly confident I could pass my test and drive adequately. However I needed to brush up on my manoeuvres big time. In only 8 hours Steve taught me so much and made learning both enjoyable and stress free. His terminology and techniques using the LD System are not complicated and so simple to remember and understand. Thanks to Steve I passed my test first time and would highly recommend Steve for teaching you how to drive. Whether that be from scratch or to have a couple of hours like I did. Fantastic instructor! Thanks for everything Steve I couldn't have done it without you mate.

I have a skill for life!
Thank you Steve for helping me pass my driving test. Thank you for taking my bad habits and correcting them. I'm so incredibly pleased that I passed with only one minor driving fault. I'm ready to be safe on the roads and be around other drivers as well. The lessons were always fun and never boring or stressful, always explaining things the right way and making sure I have a skill for life and not just for the test. I will always remember you saying "left is best" even when I'm out driving on my own ha ha. I hope you become an examiner but in the meantime hoping you will give someone else the opportunity that you have given to me. Take care, all the best Lilybelle x

Quality Lessons, Quality Instructor.
Thank you so much Steve. Quality driving lessons and a quality driving instructor. Steve's teaching style is perfect and always to high standards. I loved my driving lessons with Steve, he was so helpful, friendly and always knew how to help me improve my driving. Every lesson helped me to get better and I really enjoyed them. I was really pleased to pass my test with Steve and the LD System. I would recommend him to all. Top driving instructor, top driving school.

Comfortable & Confident.
Thank you so much Steve I really appreciate all the help you've give me to pass my test. You were such a laid back and professional instructor and made me feel comfortable and confident when I was driving, I really enjoyed my lessons. I would definitely recommend you to other learners including ones like me who were very nervous and cautious to start with. Thank you so much again. :-)

Calm & Reliable
Steve is an amazing instructor, giving clear and reliable instructions and clarifying every question you could ever have. He's very calm reliable and the best instructor anyone could ask for. He's methods of teaching have made me a very confident driver. Thanks Steve. :-)

My experience with Steve was incredible! I felt supported, looked after, cared about and safe when learning in the car with him from the first time right through to passing my test. Steve has a very charismatic personality and a clear passion for what he teaches which makes you as a learner excited to go for your next drive. I couldn't recommend Steve enough.

I loved and looked forward to every lesson with Steve. Driving with him in the car and using the LD System, allowed me to push myself as I could always trust Steve to keep me safe. He is a brilliant instructor and I couldn't recommend him more.

Amazing and would highly recommend
Steve is abundantly knowledgeable, experienced and passionate about teaching his students how to drive safely and to his, very high, standard. his passion and genuine investment in his students really came across in our lessons. He wasn't there for the money, he was there because he wanted to help me get my driving licence as quickly as possible and ensure that I was a safe driver on the road. He is also a very kind, friendly and welcoming person.

We seldom ran out of things to talk about in the car. He was very accommodating and was able to fit lessons in where I was available and safely embraced the Corona Virus restrictions once lockdown was lifted. Steve also gave me an LD System Driving Skills textbook, a road bible if you will, which was brilliant for keeping track of my progress, answering all of my questions and teaching me things ahead of our lessons to save time which may of been otherwise spent explaining manoeuvres etc.

His car was very fun to drive. This morning I heard the long-awaited words: "I'm pleased to inform you that you have passed your driving test" along with the comment "a very enjoyable drive". I do not believe this would have been able without Steve's help as the night before I failed my mock test and within a couple of hours he calmed me down and corrected my errors such that I passed 1st time with only 4 minor faults. On my first solo drive I didn't have the nervous feeling. I did however have a strange ringing in my ears , "Mirror, Signal, Speed, Gear, Position, Look, ha, ha. I have to say that peeling off those L plates was one of the most satisfying feelings ever. Thanks Steve.

Great Instructor
Thank you Steve for your help. Steve has been a great instructor for me, his patience and support has been very helpful. He makes the lessons fun and exciting, I'm very pleased to say I have passed my driving test first time with him. It has been an enjoyable start to my driving journey.

Methodical programme
Learning with Steve is a good choice because using the LD System Steve applies a methodical programme to learning essential skills and driving knowledge. He will cover all areas you will need for safe driving and for the test, he will even tailor the lessons to you, focusing on your weak points and reinforcing your strengths.

Steve has to be the best instructor in Milton Keynes by a mile. Lessons are very thorough and he knows exactly how to help you improve. I feel like a confident driver and he prepared me very well for the test. Thanks to your brilliant fun, engaging lessons I was able to pass my test 1st time. I am so grateful and will never foe forget everything you taught me. Thanks Steve.

Thinking about it now I know that I made a good choice picking Steve as my driving instructor. Thanks Steve for sharing your wealth of knowledge and experience with me. I feel I have gained so much from you and have learned to drive as well. Thanks for making it fun, for always making feel safe and always making me believe in myself.

What can I say? Steve is awesome... Steve's expert knowledge along with his teaching skills are just the best. Steve's passion for his job is so plain to see, his coaching skills leave nothing out, the little trick he teaches with his little sayings will stay with you forever. Steve's passion for safety is so evident in everything he does. The LD System Steve teaches covers everything you need to know and more, not only to pass your test but to become a very competent driver and when you couple this with his vast experience and expertise you learn a skill for life. I will always remember you Steve and all you have taught me, thank you for making the lessons so much fun and so enjoyable.

Thank you Steve I really appreciate all the work you've done with me over the past few months. Couldn't be happier with the service I got. I really enjoyed the lessons I had as well as learning a lot through the way and thanks to you I had a lot of confidence in myself to take the test and pass it first time. Very pleased mate, thank you.

I was so nervous when I started lessons with Steve and never thought I could do it but Steve showed me how to relax and take control of my anxiety and nerves. He constantly reassured me and made me feel safe so that I could concentrate on what I was doing and was always there to help when I couldn't. The LD system helped me so much and with Steve's superb tuition and extensive knowledge I was able to not only pass my test but take control of any situation comfortably and more important confidently. I'm so glad I chose Steve as my instructor. :-)

I can highly recommend Steve the way he teaches the LD System puts you right at ease, he is very caring and patient, I always felt comfortable and safe with Steve. "Thank you Steve"

This means so much!
First I would like to give Steve a very big thanks from me. I thought his learning technique using the LDC method was top class and helped me to pass with flying colours. He gave me all the skills I need to drive in a safe and confident manner and kept me calm throughout all of my lessons. I would recommend Steve to all of my family and friends.

You said I was ready and you were right.
Thank you so much, Steve is calm, patient and made me feel comfortable from the start. The LD System is great to. I passed my test first time. Fantastic service, Steve is so dedicated not only to get you to drive well but safely too. I have and will be recommending friends to learn with Steve. Thank you so much for teaching me so well and in such a short time, thanks again Steve.

You gave me my confidence back, thank you
Steve, I really am so grateful for all your help, encouragement, advise and support with my driving and my anxiety around it, I knew I needed the right instructor and you've been absolutely perfect, you have literally made the impossible, possible. I can't thank you enough for your patience and I want you to know it's been truly appreciated. You are such a lovely, genuine chap and it has been a pleasure to meet and work with you. Take care and stay awesome. Hanna

I enjoyed my lessons and I liked how we were constantly moving just outside the comfort zone each day allowing a nice steady progression allowing confidence to build gradually throughout. I also liked how you'd deliberately let me make the mistakes, this really helped me focus on not repeating bad habits. I couldn't say a negative. Thank you Steve for being such a great instructor.

This means so much
Its been so good working with you Steve right from the start, from our very first lesson to the last I have enjoyed it so much. Thank you for teaching me, putting up with me and always having that belief and faith that I Would achieve my goal. I would so recommend you to anyone. Many thanks, Joe

Thank You
Steve is an outstanding instructor, everything from his brilliant clear coaching strategy to his kind and positive attitude. He coaches constantly and it really helps and it got me through my test first time! I chose a Semi-Intensive course using the LDC System. Steve has some brilliant sayings that help you remember everything you need to even when out driving now on my own I still hear him. A wonderful instructor, couldn't recommend him enough! Sorry to write a novel but you were Brilliant, Thank you, Millie.

You said I could do it!
Steve is a great driving instructor with a genuine belief in the LDC System and teaching you a skill for life rather than just trying to just scrape through the test. Being a motorcycle rider as well as an driving instructor his road knowledge and observations are excellent which means you always feel your in safe hands when starting out. Steve is also extremely calm and patient so you never feel stressed or anxious when learning. I can't recommend him enough, cheers Steve.

Steve was a wonderful instructor and I felt I achieved so much in a short space of time. He doesn't mess you about and gets straight into it. I would very much recommend him as he made me feel so comfortable and helped me the whole time. Thanks Steve.

Almost a clean sheet!
With only one minor fault I must have got it right by choosing the right instructor to teach me to drive. What can I say but Steve is a good instructor who lets the student teach themselves with the guidance of his skills, experience and knowledge using the LDC method which is really helpful. Plus he is genuinely nice as well.

Really Happy
What can I say but thank you so much Steve. Throughout you were so professional and thorough covering everything in such detail. your calm collective manner always kept me at ease and calm. I can't sing you praises enough, thank you for teaching me to always be a thoughtful, alert and to be a safe driver especially knowing that I will be carrying the most important passenger with me, my little baby girl.

So Made Up
Anybody looking for a driving instructor I would definitely recommend Steve. You Definitely went the extra mile for me making me feel at ease from the get go and you have the patience of a saint. You made sure that every lesson was packed with all the practical skills needed to make me a safe driver on the roads. So thank you once again Steve.

Passed 1st Time
Thank you so much Steve. I couldn't have chosen anyone better to do my lessons with, very easy to learn with and picked it all up so quickly.

I booked the One Week Intensive Course With Steve using the LDC method and having never sat behind the wheel of a car before. Steve had me up and running in no time. Steve made the lessons enjoyable and easy and gave me everything I needed to know to get me through the test and how to always stay safe, definitely gets 5 stars.

Millie Millie
Whoop Whoop
Thank you so, so much I am so happy and going for my celebratory meal soon!! Steve, you have been an amazing driving instructor and I will miss our lessons lots: I will always keep you at the back of my mind when I drive telling me what to do, ha ha! Thank you so much you have been the best teacher and thank you for teaching me literally so well!!! "WHOOP WHOOP"

Emma MEmma M
Really pleased with my driving experience with Steve and the LD System he uses. I passed my test quickly and at a very reasonable price! Steve is such a lovely man with a great sense of humour so lessons were a lot of fun. Super reliable instructor who is also flexible with lesson times!! I would rate Steve 10/10 and would recommend.

Fab Driving Instructor
Thank you Steve!! You have been a fab driving instructor and I couldn't have asked for anything more. You put me at ease straight away after a naff instructor previously. Thank you and yes I will promise to stay safe.

Jack Jack
Cheers Steve and thanks for teaching me what I needed to know to get through. You definitely get a smiley face and a thumbs up from me.

Emma EEmma E
I'm So Happy
Steve has made my driving lessons very smooth and easy to follow. I felt at ease from start to finish and had no worries knowing we both always felt safe in the car. His instructions are very easy to follow and he tailors the lessons to focus on what are the weak points of your driving. I would recommend Steve and the LD System to anyone I know that needs lessons!! Definitely worth your money learning with him, "I'M SO HAPPY"

Very Pleased
I am very pleased with the service I received from start to finish! It is always a positive attitude inside the car which massively helps when it comes to learning to drive. The LD System Steve uses makes it so easy when it comes to learning how your lessons will be planned and what you will be learning in your lessons. I managed to pass my test first time with such short time to have lessons only 22 hours. I really am happy with the service and more importantly Steve is a dedicated and passionate driver who will help anyone learn to drive well and most importantly how to always be safe!

Catherine BarrattCatherine Barratt
I came across Steve from a Facebook Advertisement I was tagged in. I'm so pleased I did, I couldn't have asked for a better driving instructor. I've been doing lessons on and off for years and have never had an instructor like him. From the short time I've known him he's been so well organised, professional and patient. From the start I got on great with him and couldn't recommend him enough. My main hold back was my nerves and he worked through with me to make them totally go away. So, so pleased I passed first time and will be recommending steve to all non drivers I know, Thanks again Steve. x

James BurchellJames Burchell
I had previously taken my driving test three times a couple of years ago and I had failed all of them so I decided to give up until a few months ago. That was when I decided to get back driving again and saw Steve on facebook and ever since he has helped me progress to a level I couldn't have reached without him. After having several previous driving instructors, I would say Steve is by far the best in Milton Keynes and as a learner, you get an experience that you wouldn't get anywhere else. As Steve told me from my first lesson with him, he's not just teaching me to drive and pass a test, he's also teaching me a life skill. So thank you Steve, any learner will be lucky to have you as their instructor!

Cameron Blumer ScottCameron Blumer Scott
Life Skill
I have just finished an intensive Midway Driving Course with Steve Clarke and I have many things to accredit him for. Steve visited us a month before the course started; my parents and I were immediately comfortable with him and the way he described his teaching style. Once the actual lessons started, it became even more clear that I'd made a worthwhile investment. Steve always made me feel safe in the car, even when I made mistakes. These mistakes were also dealt with calmly and positively - I never had to feel embarrassed or stressed about a slip up or a problem I was having trouble executing. Because of this I was always driving with a good disposition, which made learning so much more fun and easy. He always maintained a light hearted attitude and we would constantly crack jokes and share stories; In this way he was less like an instructor and more like a friend. From the start Steve told me that he wasn't only going to teach me to pass the test as anyone could do that but also teach me a life skill. Steve was very genuinely looking out for my future safety and cared mostly about making sure I wouldn't be in any danger, even after we parted ways. I know that I will always remember the lessons Steve taught me and that I'll be a safer driver for it. Steve Also helped me pass my test, first try, after only 4 previous days of formal lessons.

Beau WaltersBeau Walters
Passed 1st time
So after having around 10 hours driving experience on and off due to bad experiences with instructors I decided it was time to start driving again. After my first lesson with Steve I knew he would be a great instructor. He is calm, patient and makes you feel comfortable from the get go. So I purchased a 20 hour intensive course and passed my test FIRST TIME. Never did I feel rushed or pressured into something I wasn't comfortable with. Being a biker his knowledge on road safety is top class and he is amazing at reflecting that knowledge onto you. I was driving 3 hours a day and I honestly never felt bored with Steve. He is passionate about his job and takes pleasure in watching you succeed! Top instructor and a top bloke! Thanks Steve!!

Nathan CrossmanNathan Crossman
I would like to say a massive THANK YOU to Steve Clarke for his amazing teaching style. Not only is Steve a top bloke he manages to relax you, so you can focus on your driving. His support finally got me driving and I passed my test today first time. it was an honour to pass with the guidance from a great man, a friend and an all round top bloke.